Conditions of Reservation

(Please read through thoroughly and confirm these conditions are acceptable before making a reservation)


  1. “” is a fully themed, classic Japanese guest house of the 50’s, including the Kyoto style tatami room and the Tokyo style Japanese wooden floored room.
    The whole building is built with solid wood flooring and Japanese style wallpaper, which are not easy to maintain. In addition, some amenities have safety concerns, therefore, we only admit guests who are 12 years or older, with height of 140cm and above. Guests who are 12 years and older are admitted as adults.
  2. Upon the agreement of these conditions of “” on safety concerns and maintenance of the living area, children who are under the age of 12 is required to be accompanied by at least one adult guest, additionally, the accompanying adult is required to accompany the child for the whole duration of the stay, paying attention to safety, cautious in using any amenities and is willing to assume responsibilities for all risks involved.
  3. Check-in time at 3pm in the afternoon, check-out time at 12pm noon. Balance due is to settled upon returning the keys.
    “” does not provide credit card facilities, all balance due and other expenses are cash only, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. In order for “” to fully create the Japanese theme, many of the amenities are built according to the Japanese lifestyle and accommodation custom. We ask for forgiveness from our friends from Taiwan and around the world to comply with relevant policies and rules.
  5. When checking-in, please carefully read the “” Matsuiya Guest House policy and rules, in the case where any policies and rules were breached, “” reserves the right to refuse admitting the guests from checking-in in the future.
  6. “” does not provide breakfast, for breakfast, we recommend to enjoy the various delicacies of Tainan in the surrounding area. We highly recommend the breakfast culture of Tainan: the delicious hot beef soup. 。
  7. “” only accepts reservation within 6 months and will charge half of the full cost as a deposit for the booking. To ensure your rights and benefits, please pay the deposit to the appointed account within three days (not including the day of booking). Please let us know the last five-digits of your account number and the booking process is complete after confirmation of the payment.
  8. If there is a need to cancel or changing the room types, our policy is as follows:
    100% of the deposit is refunded if the cancellation is made 15 days prior or earlier.
    75% of the deposit is refunded if the cancellation is made 10 days prior to checking-in.
    50% of the deposit is refunded if the cancellation is made 5 days prior to checking-in.
    No refund is provided if the cancellation is made 3 days prior to checking-in (Does not include the actual day of cancellation).
  9. In the occurrence of events that are beyond control on the day of check-in, such as typhoon, earthquakes and other natural disasters, where Tainan city council announces for business and school closures, full refund will be provided (according to the announcement made by the Tainan city council). Please arrive with the same number of guest as per reservation, if the number of guests exceeds the limit of the reserved room, “” reserves the right to refuse guests from checking-in and forfeit the deposit.
  10. Upon check-in, we will ask guests to provide identification documents for records of accommodation, please carry your personal identification document with you.
  11. If there are any damages to the rooms and facilities after the guest have checked out, “” will ask for compensation that is three-times the cost or will be reported to the police, check-in guests please do take note.
  12. To maintain the quality of the guest house, “” prohibit pets from staying. “” have the right to refuse any guests who does not comply and forfeit the deposit.
  13. To maintain the quality of the guest house, “” does not accept friends of guests in entering and touring the guest house. Your understanding is appreciated.
  14. “” strictly prohibits illegal drugs.
  15. “” prohibits smoking in all areas of the building, guests who have the need please move to the outdoor, thank you for your cooperation.
  16. “” is located in the quiet residential area of the city centre, please do not make loud noises after 10pm.
  17. As a final reminder, some amenities of “” have safety concerns, we ask the guests to take extra care in their safety in using the amenities and are responsible to all risks involved.

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