About the Guest House

The story of Matsuiya family

1966, For Mr. Matsuiya to marry Madam Liu, he built this home near the Tainan train station, it was the first foreign-styled house around the station.1986, Mr. Matsuiya fell ill from constant overworking and passed away at a young age. To look after the lives of four young children, Madam Liu shouldered this home on her own. Over the past 50 years, as the children grew up and left the home, only Madam Liu was still looking after this home tirelessly.

In 2014, Madam Liu gave this home to Jack with her hand, who came back to Taiwan from his travel to Japan. Jack and Madam Liu had a pleasant conversation and Jack promised her that he would put all his effort in renovating this home to give this home a new lease on life.

2015, Jack blended his experience and memories from his stay in Japan with this old home, by utilising various Japanese materials and items to create this authentic Japanese style with his own hand: a blend of Taiwan and Japan, a harmony of the old Kyoto and the new Tokyo themed guest house.

This place where you will be staying, is not just a house, it is a story of a family in Tainan over the span of 50 years. It is a story of a Taiwanese woman who raised four children single-handedly.
A story of a person who travelled to Japan and came back to share the spirit of the Japanese lifestyle and sharing the good lifestyle habits to all arriving guests, each and every individual who travelled here to stay, will be a part of this ongoing story.

Tabi.ni. bito

“Tabi.ni. bito.” is a fully Japanese themed guest house situated in Taiwan, it is located near the Tainan train station, only 5 minute walk to the CBD of Tainan city. Currently owned by Jack, who came back to Taiwan after graduating from Waseda University in Japan. He applied the foreign method of management of guest house in emphasizing on the communal space.

The guest house only has four rooms, ensuring the guests who stays are simple and uncomplicated. The room types include two different styles, Kyoto old Japanese style tatami room, (Sake no room, Tabi no room) and Tokyo contemporary Japanese style wooden floor room (Ai no room, Kane no room).

The whole guest house’s interior décor are created according to the Japanese residential style, using imported Japanese bathroom modules with a bathtub. The whole guest house has solid wood flooring and Japanese wallpaper; all items, drinks, snacks and toiletries are brought or imported from Japan.

It is the very first ‘Japanese style guest house’ that brings the authentic lifestyle experience to Taiwan. Guests who stay with us can choose their favourite style yukata (traditional Japanese bathrobe) and clogs, experiencing the feeling of “One step through the door, one second to Japan” during their stay.